Season 7: Episode 126: The Shower Head

Jerry is not pleased that his parents are staying at Uncle Leo's while they wait to move into their new Florida home. And the only way to get rid of them is to get Leo to break up with his girlfriend and move back into the apartment he's letting Morty and Helen use. Meanwhile, as George decides his problems would be solved if his parents were in Florida, too, Elaine's business trip to Africa is jeopardized by a drug test that says she's an opium addict.

As George works on his parent's move, the tenants in Jerry's building get new shower heads. But when Kramer's plea for a good place to shower sounds suspiciously like a drug deal to her boss, Elaine is fired. In the dressing room just before Jerry's appearance on "The Tonight Show, " the Costanzas announce to the Seinfelds that they are moving to Florida. And as Elaine learns it was her poppy seed muffin habit that caused her to fail the test, Jerry's jokes lead Uncle Leo to move back to his apartment.

With the Costanzas planning to live nearby, Morty decides there is no way he can go back to Florida now. While George is excited about getting rid of his mom and dad, Jerry is depressed to discover his parents are moving in with him. So he heads for Uncle Leo's to reunite him with his estranged girlfriend. Then, as Newman finds a black market shower head salesman to solve their problems, Elaine has Jerry's mom, Helen take the drug test for her. And though the new results get her re-hired, they still keep Elaine off Peterman's African expedition. Finally, a new shower head at Leo's sends the Seinfelds packing to Fiorida, while the Costanzas change their mind about moving because they don't want to leave George behind.

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