Season 7: Episode 129: The Wig Master

While shopping for a new crested blazer, Jerry gets out of buying one he doesn't like by claiming he wants to bring a friend to see it. But he's forced to buy the jacket anyway when Elaine takes a liking to both the jacket and Craig, the store's salesman. Meanwhile, George is less than thrilled with a new house guest, a friend of Susan's who is the Wig Master for "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. "

When Kramer accidentally leaves his apartment keys at the garage they keep their cars, George is more than happy to give him a ride to retrieve them, if only to escape the Wig Master. But used condoms and lipstick stains in his own car cause George to suspect it's been used by prostitutes working near the garage. When George tries offering one of the hookers money to respond to his inquiries, he's spotted by Susan. And though she questions her trust in him, George is unsuccessful in using it to undermine their relationship. Meanwhile, locked out of his apartment, Kramer moves in with Jerry.

Upset with Craig for asking Elaine out when he brought her to the store, Jerry suspects an ulterior motive behind his offer of a discount on an expensive dress. But Elaine is just as certain that he's just being generous, especially after she overhears him offer another friend a discount, too. However, when the dress he promised isn't forthcoming, she learns Craig was lying all along. Finally, Kramer is arrested after being mistaken for a pimp while wearing one of the "Dreamcoat" costumes, forcing the show to close.

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