Season 8: Episode 141: The Checks

Surprised by his reverence for a song on the radio, Elaine asks her boyfriend Brett about it, only to be chastised for interrupting. And when she recommends finding one they can call their own, Brett turns down the idea as he refuses to share his song with her. Because of a new Japanese television commercial, Jerry is deluged with royalty checks amounting to just a few cents each. As his hand becomes gnarled from signing them all, Kramer trades on Jerry's celebrity with a group of Japanese tourists. Meanwhile, George is upset when a religious cult's carpet cleaning service doesn't try to convert him.

With Kramer's encouragement, Jerry and George revive their failed comedy pilot for a disastrous preview for some Japanese TV executives. And when a misunderstanding bankrupts his Japanese guests, they are forced to use the chest of drawers Brett gave Kramer as their makeshift bed. Meanwhile, Jerry offends a sidewalk vendor, making it impossible for him to buy an umbrella. And seeing him struggling in the rain leads Brett to suspect that he's fallen on hard times.

After George hires the cult to clean the office carpets at work, Kramer drops in with his guests for a stadium tour. Showing them the pilot instead, George then insists they join him at another meeting with the Japanese TV executives. But when the chest's stuck drawers jeopardize their meeting, George calls Jerry, whose cramped hand forces him to use an ax to free them, as a horrified Brett tries to intervene. Finally, as the tourists complain that Jerry attacked them with an ax, the TV executives question George's sanity, too. And after George's boss is converted by the carpet cleaning cult, Jerry and Elaine are left to help Brett recover from amnesia after he was hit with the ax.

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