Season 8: Episode 135: The Foundation

After mourning for three months, George is ready to put his fiancee Susan's death behind him. And upon returning from six weeks in Mexico for her boss, Elaine discovers Jerry and his fiancee Jeannie went through a truly mutual break-up. However, while previewing her latest sartorial find from south of the border, Elaine finds her boss to be unusually disinterested. And she's taken by surprise by a long distance phone call that reveals Peterman has quit and left her to run the business in his absence. Meanwhile, Jerry discovers that an old girlfriend Dolores is suddenly interested again after learning he was engaged.

Though Jerry thinks she's unqualified to run the catalog, Kramer's story about his winning a karate championship inspires Elaine to rise to Peterman's challenge unaware that his opponents were all small children. Meanwhile, when Jerry's quote from an old Star Trek movie prompts Susan's parents to start a foundation in her memory, they ask George to be on its board of directors. And it's at the first meeting that he learns of the Rosses considerable fortune, one he would have inherited if only Susan had lived. Meanwhile, Dolores refuses to believe that Jerry's break-up with Jeannie was mutual.

After assuming complete control of the catalog, Elaine's confidence is shaken when she learns the truth about Kramer's karate title. And when told that his inspirational words were from another Star Trek film, things take a turn for the worse. Meanwhile, as Jerry searches for anyone who'll believe his claim of a mutual break-up, Kramer's pint sized karate classmates get revenge in a deserted back alley. Finally, as George learns just how much Susan's untimely death has cost him, Elaine discovers her choice for the catalog's cover is a disaster.

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