Season 8: Episode 145: The Little Jerry

After visiting a women's prison the foundation is considering for a large donation, George makes several return trips to see an inmate he met. But just as George is getting to like the arrangement, he learns that Celia is being considered for parole. Then, as Jerry tries to convince Marcelino, the owner of a local store, to remove his bad check from the window, Kramer sets out to raise a chicken at home for eggs. However, after learning that the chicken, dubbed Little Jerry Seinfeld, is actually a rooster, Marcelino suggests that Kramer consider entering it in a cockfight. Meanwhile, Elaine discovers that her bald boyfriend has a thick and lustrous head of hair.

Impressed with his performance in the ring, Marcelino offers to remove Jerry's bad check from his window if the rooster throws its next fight. As a result, Jerry vows to help Kramer make sure that Little Jerry Seinfeld wins. Meanwhile, worried about their relationship once she's released, George makes sure his report to Celia's parole board is less than glowing. And after Kurt agrees to grow his hair out for her, Elaine is shocked to discover that he's actually going bald.

As George counsels Kurt about baldness, Celia breaks out of the jail. While George is suddenly pleased with developments following their sexual encounter, Kurt worries about losing his hair and asks Elaine to get married before it's too late. However, when the detectives tracking Celia mistake him for George, Kurt is arrested for harboring a fugitive. Finally, after an unsuccessful attempt to stop the cockfight, Elaine learns that Kurt will be in jail long enough for him to lose the rest of his hair.

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