Season 8: Episode 136: The Soul Mate

Given the impression that his fellow board members think Susan's death wasn't an accident, George secretly leaves a tape recorder behind at their next meeting to see if they suspect him of murder. However, after returning to retrieve it, he's surprised to find that something rendered the recorder inoperable only minutes after he left. Meanwhile, as Elaine is being pressured by her child-bearing friends, Kramer falls in love with Jerry's new girlfriend, Pam. And upon confessing his forbidden love, Kramer discovers Newman is obsessed with Elaine.

After Elaine meets Kevin, who also shares her disdain for parenthood, she tells Kramer that Jerry really isn't interested in Pam. Although news of his neighbor's obsession rekindles Jerry's interest, once Kramer and Newman team up on her, Pam begins losing interest in Jerry. So Newman offers to help Jerry win her back in exchange for his help with Elaine. Meanwhile, as George investigates his suspected involvement in Susan's death, Elaine cast doubts on her decision not to have any children right after Kevin gets a vasectomy just for her.

After confronting his fellow board members with the damaged tape, George discovers there's a plausible explanation. But even as George thinks he's off the hook, behind his back the board members all agree that he's responsible for Susan's death. Although Pam admits to being interested in both Jerry and Kramer, she's clear about not wanting to have children. So Jerry, Kramer and Newman all go for vasectomies just as Kevin is getting his reversed.

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