Season 8: Episode 156: The Summer of George

After Jerry invites an attractive waitress to join him at the Tony Awards, he learns Kramer will be there, too. Arriving for their date, Jerry is surprised to find Lanette living with another man. And though he tries to inquire, she isn't at all forthcoming about her relationship with Lyle. Meanwhile, Elaine's observation about a co-worker's awkward walk gets her a reputation for being catty. And when he's fired by the Yankees, George decides to enjoy his severance pay.

As George watches on television, Kramer is mistaken for one of the producers that wins the Tony for Best Musical. Although he's approached about returning the award, Kramer is given a chance to keep it if he will fire the show's temperamental star, Raquel Welch. Then, to prove how nice she can be, Elaine invites Sam to lunch. But the plan backfires after she tells Sam about her awkward walking style. Meanwhile, when Jerry complains that Lanette needs more than one man, George agrees to help out.

With George's help, Jerry impresses Lanette, so much so that she gets rid of Lyle. But when George is distracted while delivering some invitations he picked out for Lanette's party, it puts Jerry in a difficult spot. Meanwhile, after arriving to give Raquel the bad news, Kramer is attacked by the actress. And when Raquel mistakes Elaine's complaints about Sam as being directed at her, she attacks her, too. Finally, George's attempt to deliver the invitations ends in a crippling accident just as his vacation was getting underway.

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