weekdays at 5:30/4:30c
I, Candy     Mon. October, 20 at 08:00 am
Doug's self-esteem gets a boost when a waitress flirts with him.

Sparing Carrie     Mon. October, 20 at 08:30 am
Doug's bowling team must win a match or else fire Carrie.

Block Buster     Tue. October, 21 at 08:00 am
Doug's memories of his glory days as a football player don't match those of his old teammates.

Frozen Pop     Tue. October, 21 at 08:30 am
Arthur moves into the upstairs bedroom when cold weather forces him out of the basement.

Party Favor     Wed. October, 22 at 08:00 am
Carrie convinces Doug to be the best man for his cousin, and helps him organize the bachelor party.

Fair Game     Wed. October, 22 at 08:30 am
Doug catches Carrie cheating while playing board games with friends.

Shmenkmans, The     Thu. October, 23 at 08:00 am
Doug and Carrie search for new friends, who do not have children.

Meet By-Product     Thu. October, 23 at 08:30 am
St. Valentine's Day finds Doug and Carrie reminiscing about the first time they met.

Wild Cards     Fri. October, 24 at 08:00 am
Doug hides his losing trip to Atlantic City from Carrie.

Surprise Artie     Fri. October, 24 at 08:30 am
Carrie's surprise birthday party for Arthur is ruined when Doug loses the guest of honor.

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