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Double Downer     Sat. November, 01 at 08:00 am
Doug spoils Carrie's plans for a romantic weekend when he organizes an outing to Atlantic City -- and his boss ends up joining them.

Ovary Action     Sat. November, 01 at 08:30 am
Holiday visitors interrupt Doug and Carrie's attempt to conceive.

Food Fight     Sat. November, 01 at 09:00 am
Carrie grows jealous when Spence's girlfriend (Christine Nelson) recruits Doug to test her culinary homework.

Dougie Nights     Sun. November, 02 at 06:30 am
Doug starts club-hopping with newly single Deacon.

No Orleans     Sun. November, 02 at 07:00 am
Doug and Carrie sneak off to New Orleans without Doug's cousins.

Missing Links     Mon. November, 03 at 08:30 am
Doug and Carrie search for a compatible couple to take with them to the firm's annual golf outing.

Hero Worship     Mon. November, 03 at 03:30 pm
Doug's uncle (Gavin MacLeod) offers to back financially his desire to open a sandwich shop.

Screwed Driver     Tue. November, 04 at 08:30 am
Doug's parents take over the house when Carrie goes on a business trip.

Lush Life     Tue. November, 04 at 03:30 pm
Doug tries to get Carrie inebriated so he can cheat on his diet.

Patrons Ain't     Wed. November, 05 at 08:30 am
When their accountant makes them feel guilty about their lack of charitable donations, Doug and Carrie decide to make a large donation to a school library.

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