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Tank Heaven     Tue. July, 29 at 03:00 pm
Doug deliberately offends Carrie's co-workers by showing them his chest hair.

Alter Ego     Tue. July, 29 at 03:30 pm
Doug, Deacon, Danny and Spence take an impulsive trip to Memphis to try and stop the wedding of Spence's ex-girlfriend (Rachel Dratch).

Icky Shuffle     Wed. July, 30 at 03:00 pm
When Carrie comes down with a cold, Arthur must find a new teammate for the senior center's shuffleboard tournament.

Awful Bigamy     Wed. July, 30 at 03:30 pm
When Holly is kicked out of her apartment, Arthur insists she stay with him until she can find someplace new to live.

Sight Gag     Thu. July, 31 at 03:00 pm
Doug's gift to Carrie of corneal surgery results in her temporary blindness.

Walk, Man     Thu. July, 31 at 03:30 pm
In an effort to spend more time with Carrie, Doug hires someone to take Arthur for a walk three times a week.

Friender Bender     Fri. August, 01 at 03:00 pm
Doug hits and damages Deacon and Kelly's car.

Mean Streak     Fri. August, 01 at 03:30 pm
Doug tries to break the company record for the largest number of consecutive deliveries.

No Retreat     Sat. August, 02 at 05:00 pm
Doug goes with Carrie on her company retreat while Arthur is left to fend for himself at home.

Oxy Moron     Sat. August, 02 at 05:30 pm
Doug tries to prove to Carrie that he would risk himself to save her.

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